How do I prevent false alarms?

False alarms are easily preventable as long as you are responsible for ensuring that all full-time and casual users of your system are fully trained on the alarm system's use and able to properly identify themselves to the monitoring station attendant.

Enhanced Alarm Verification is also available. With Enhanced Alarm Verification, SecurTek will:

  • Call the premise once
  • If there is no answer or a password cannot be verified, we will call an alternate number to verify if there is an emergency
  • If we cannot reach anyone on an alternate number, we will try the premise one more time and will then dispatch the authorities

To set up Enhanced Alarm Verification, just call the SecurTek Monitoring Station at 1-877-777-7591 or 1-877-696-8612. If you own a business that is monitored by SecurTek, please fax the information to us at 1-877-777-7592.