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Check your security system remotely

Make your Victoria or Saskatoon home smarter and more efficient with a smart home automation system

Meet the next generation of home security. Home automation offers a new level of safety, surveillance & energy management. Essentially, home automation allows for the remote control and scheduling of many different elements of both your home and your home security through one easy-to-use app. From locking and unlocking doors remotely to turning lights on and off, to viewing your HD surveillance cameras from your mobile device, your home has never been more secure.

A smart home security seamlessly connects the key devices in your home on one platform — so they work together and smarter. Not only can you make your home more secure with a smart home security system, you can make it more efficient too. Our system goes beyond security and transforms your home into a smart home. Set schedules or remotely control your thermostats, lights and more to increase your security as well as cut down on heating and electricity costs benefiting your safety, the environment, and your bottom line.

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A complete home security system

Smart Home Security with advanced wireless capabilities

No landline required

Our smart security system is dedicated to a completely wireless system. This means that unlike traditional companies who rely on phone or cable communication, everything is routed through a dedicated and reliable cellular connection. This means that there are no cables to cut, or phone lines down due to inclement weather or a falling tree. This system is up and running at all times. Rather than only being able to control your system from within your home at a dedicated security panel, our smart security system provides mobile control by allowing you to access your system through your smartphone or smartwatch with an easy-to-use app. You’ll never need to wonder if the alarm is set or the doors are locked again.

This smart system is always one step ahead. Not only can it detect a flood, it will shut off the water to your home. If the sensors identify a fire, the alarms go off and professional assistance is alerted. Potential damage diminished, and the system will contact you to keep you up to date with the situation at your home.

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Why choose smart security with Security & Cellular Plus?


    Advanced Security

    Get a reminder if you leave home without arming the system, receive notifications when someone else disarms the system, or have it automatically disarm when family members arrive home.

    Advanced Energy Management

    Keep your home comfortable and save energy. Set your lights and thermostats to adjust automatically when you leave for work, or return home.

    Video Monitoring

    Monitor your home anywhere with interactive Video Monitoring. You’ll never miss a moment thanks to real-time video alerts and live streaming video feeds.

    Home Access

    Remotely control and automate door locks and garage doors, give users their own codes, and get instant notifications to know who unlocked the door.

    Dedicated Wireless System

    Our wireless technology is more secure and more reliable than your traditional wired security system. Never worry about your system being compromised or having an exposed phone line.

    One Smart Mobile App

    Stay connected to your home anywhere with our smart home mobile app. It's easy to manage all your devices integrated in a single intuitive experience.

    Easily Expandable

    Our wireless technology is portable, flexible, and adapts to your ever changing needs. No matter what you need in the future, you can be confident now that your security system will expand when needed.

    Smart Platform

    Our smart home system is the foundation of a true smart home. Our systems support a full range of connected devices that go beyond security to make your home smarter and more efficient.

    Professionally installed and supported

    Buying a home is one of the most expensive purchases a family will make. Protect your investment with a high quality security system that is professionally installed.

    Payable in manageable monthly installments

    Complete home automation systems can cost thousands. With our smart home security bundles you get one low monthly price; installation, activation and equipment included.

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